This is our 43rd year ª we’ve done over 1,200 performances!

We ª synchronized swimming & want every chance to playª    Many of us have jobs &/or are students; some of us are retiredª    We practice about 2-4 hours a week; Olympic synchronized swimmers train about 8 hours a dayª  2 of us have been with Mermaids Hawai‘i for over 40 years; one for over 30ª


ªªSince the Fall of 2002, we have been teaching FREE Synchronized Swimming Classes for the C & C of Honolulu. CLASSES now in session: Tuesday & Friday 2:30-4 pm. If interested in taking a SS class, call 864-8122 for infoª

ªIn 2005, we taught for the O‘ahu YWCA on Richards Street. In 2006-7, we taught for ‘Ewa by Gentry.

ªªIn 2007, we began classes @ the Leeward YMCA. CLASSES now in session: Wednesday 9-10 am & 2:30-3:30 pm. If interested in taking a SS class, call 864-8122 for infoª


ªªªSince 2003, we have been practicing on Sundays, 2-4:30 PM, at the Windward YMCA in their big heated poolª


ªª If any of you would like to join us as a mermaid or merman, wet or dry, please contact usª    Come & give us a tryª     ª There are no fees to participateª    We are loosely structured, SAFELY doing whatever we can to have fun, to enjoy this wonderful sport, & to performªª


ªªª Our big shows usually run about an hourª We want maximum pool-time for each of us; so, we may even have to strip in front of you, & it’s very hard to cut a swimmer who is injured or just learningª  ªOur little shows or demonstrations can be as short as 10-15 minutesª


The performance levels vary greatly within our showsª     ªNon-swimmers & former synchro coaches & competitors have swum with usª   Our ages have ranged from 3 to 84 years: a 3 year old rode on her grandmother’s back & in one show a 9 year old was in 9 routinesª

e Christmas Water Shows e are usually in December.


` Summertime Water Shows ` usually run from January through October.

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~ We’ve been teaching & performing Synchronized Swimming since 1971 ~


~~ 43 YEARS ~~ over 1,200 EVENTS ~~